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Bangla Initiator is a non profit Organization which is working for quality education, to make every people aware about their rights & responsibility, and increasing awareness between young generation about  Social problems.  It also works to create a conscious  obedient & skillful  future generation who will lead the future world. 

Bangla Initiator’s only editorial bias is towards coherent, lucid, rational, logical, well-argued and topical content.

Bangla Initiators’s readership is virtually the entire world. Google Analytics has tracked Bangla Initiator’s visitors from 71 countries and territories across the world.

Bangla Initiator is a Children & youth news media of Bangla Initiator Limited. We will maintain highest privacy concerning your personal information when you visit the Bangla Initiator’s website. You will also be able to use this website without providing any personal information. Information collected by Bangla initiator will only be used for official purposes, internal review, and improvement of the website content. This information will not be used for commercial purposes.

  1. The portal users are requested not to provide confidential information such as security passwords and credit cards numbers in their emails and when filling out forms. Bangla initiator will not be responsible for any misuse of such information in such cases.
  2. Other than for registration purposes, you may be asked to provide personal information for emails or participation in any survey or any other form of communication you may undertake through this portal. Privacy will be strictly maintained in these cases.
  3. Links to other websites are posted on this portal from time to time. When you use this link to visit other websites, the privacy policy of the new site will be applicable.
  4. The Bangla Initiator authorities may at any time amend this policy without notice. Or they may inform the website users by means of a notice. The amended policy will be applicable regarding the collection of any information after the change in policy
  • Bangla Initiator welcomes comments and debate under our articles, video reports and facebook page.
  • We reserve the right to moderate and remove comments.
  • Commenters may be blocked if they persistently breach these guidelines which are intended to protect our comments section from:
  1. Content that may put us in legal jeopardy, eg; for potential defamation, libel or breach of copyright.
  2. Persistent personal attacks on authors, other users or any individual.
  3. Posts that are obviously commercial, trolling or otherwise spam-like.
  4. Threatening behavior or overly abusive language/hate speech.