About | Bangla Initiator

What We Do

Around the Country, Bangla Initiator is developing leadership in communities to ensure all teenagers can fulfill their potential.We also encouraging child journalism so that their voices can reach the policy makers.

Bangla Initiator  is a network of 46 independent institute, locally led and governed partner organization that works to accelerate the network’s progress.

We are a National network

To tackle the complex challenges facing children in disadvantaged communities, we need a coalition of leaders addressing the problem in all of its complexity. Each network partner recruits and develops promising future leaders to teach in their nations’ under-resourced schools and communities and, with this foundation, to work with others, inside and outside of education, to ensure all children are able to fulfill their potential.

Our People

Our Core Values

We’re guided by our shared Core Values when working together across borders.

Sense of Possibility

We believe in the extraordinary potential of all children and in our collective potential to realize our

aspirations, and so we act with courage, boldness, urgency and perseverance in pursuit of

transformational impact.

Locally Rooted and Globally Informed

We value the enormous assets in the communities where we work, immerse ourselves in local perspectives, needs and opportunities, and work in deep partnership with students, families, educators, and community members—all while also seeking to build our understanding of what is possible based on insights from outside of our communities and countries.

Constant Learning

We commit to continuous education, reflection, and improvement as the foundation for the

transformational leadership we strive to develop.


In recognition of our shared humanity and interconnectedness, we work with generosity and

compassion to help each other develop and grow.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

We seek to ensure full participation of people from all cultures and backgrounds, and we believe those

who have themselves experienced the inequities we’re working to address should guide and lead this